Bambara Feedback Tutor Program...

A language program via WhatsApp/Telegram and a GoogleDoc that helps you with your speaking, listening and writing skills in Bambara, Dioula or Malinké.

You can sign up for 1, 2 or 3 weeks at a time.

Each week you get...

  • a vocab list with supporting words & phrases

  • three tasks

  • audio & written feedback support from me through our private chat

  • a 15 minute conversation, at the end of the program

It’s not…

  • a (synchronous or Skype-based) class or a live conversation class

  • a program for learners who are not motivated to work on their speaking

Your three weekly tasks look can look this...

  • Read a provided text, practice saying it until it is under 30 or 60 seconds, record yourself and type out a translation; send them and questions in for feedback

  • Listen to a recording, transcribe and translate it; record your own version of it; send in your transcription, translation and recording as well as questions for feedback

  • Write out your own text in response to a prompt; practice saying it until it is under 30 or 60 seconds; record and send in along with questions for feedback

It works like this...

  • After you book and pay for your spot, I send you the first week’s materials (vocab sheet, three speaking tasks) on Thursday. You study the material, record your answers on your phone or in a private GoogleDoc and you receive my feedback.

  • Your study week starts every Thursday and ends Wednesday. This means that you receive your supporting vocab sheet on Thursday and have one week to finish your speaking tasks and get my feedback. You can send in all your speaking tasks in 1 day or spread them out in the week. It’s up to you.

  • You learn with your vocab sheet and do your own research in order to record or write out your responses to the tasks.

  • You have support through the online chat which I will check once a day in order to answer any questions and give you additional resources.

  • I give you a detailed, personalized feedback in audio and written form. I add comments about grammar, vocab, word use and pronunciation that you can implement right away.